Dad’s Zone is a termly event held on a Saturday.
It is for dads, uncles, granddads etc and they like to cook food, plan trips out as well as enjoy the usual activities of Daniel’s Den. Children up to the age of 11 are welcome.

At present this activity is on hold.

Funny Bunny, Champion Fundraiser and Ambassador of Daniel’s Den, attended a special Father’s Day event at Bridge Park. He listened to many Brent dads giving him advice about ‘becoming a dad’…

  • Make sure you find the right mum
  • Don’t let your children grow up too soon
  • You need to give your child emotional support and be physically there
  • Be child focussed – sensitive to their needs. Create a safe, warm and loving home. Be committed to a child’s growth and development throughout their life
  • The birth of my child made me more responsible – my priorities had to change
  • Dads should play more with their children and have fun!