In October 2008 we began partnering with a toddler group in Lichinga, Mozambique. We paid for them to have a drop toilet built!
We are exploring new ways of developing our links with Mozambique to encourage and enrich family life in a practical way. We give donations on a monthly basis. PLEASE NOTE – this is part of the 10% of all donations to our charity and our sessions fees. ALL money received through grants and restricted funding is used for the key purposes of Daniel’s Den in the UK.

(photo of the launch with Sheenagh Burrell from ALMA – the organisation coordinating the support we give to Mozambique

News Update!! May 14th 2016!

chickenWe have just received the wonderful news that the money we have donated over the years has not only paid for a long drop toilet but has also helped buy chickens, cutlery, chairs, roof materials and so much more for a pre-school in Hokwe! Check out this amazing report!  Hokwe Pre-School