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When you visit us for the first time you are asked to fill out a registration form. You will also be given a welcome pack which includes a Daniel’s Den bag, information leaflet and a complete set of our parenting postcards.

In each session, activities are set up for children to play, do crafts, singing and other fun activities. Parents are able to share parenting skills with one another and build friendships. There is a genuine family feeling to the groups where everyone is welcome whatever your background, race or postcode!

It is a place where people are able to:

  • help and be helped
  • encourage and be encouraged
  • serve and be served
  • value and be valued

What we do in a session

Each session lasts one and half or two hours. It has a structured format and, as such, it encourages children to learn that there is a place and time for everything. Routine is key.

A typical afternoon

1.00pm  Doors open. People register and settle children. Child chooses where they would like to play first.
1.00-1.55   Structured play activities available including crafts, puzzles, cars, construction, dressing up, role-play, books, instruments etc.
1.55  Tidy up time
2.00-2.15  Juice and fruit for children
2.15–2.40  Large toys/balls available for children to play
2.40-3.00  Singing session
3.00  Finish

There is no charge but we ask for a donation

The suggested amount is £2 per child (50p for 2nd or 3rd)


Daniel’s Den is a voluntary organisation. The leaders are there to help …
but not to do everything! Parent/carers and children are encouraged to help tidy up and serve others. There are opportunities within Daniel’s Den to play a more active role in volunteering i.e. planning crafts, setting up etc.


Each term has a theme.
Autumn – colours
Spring – shapes
Summer – animals